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  • Nuclear Fuel Report Background Information

    The World Nuclear Association has published reports on nuclear fuel supply and demand at roughly two yearly intervals. The report published today is the 17th in the series and extends the forecasting period to 2035. It includes scenarios covering a range of possibilities for nuclear power.
  • World Nuclear Association makes submissions to South Australian Royal Commission

    The World Nuclear Association has made two submissions to the South Australian Nuclear Fuel Cycle Royal Commission, one on the subject of nuclear power generation and the other on nuclear wastes.

  • Restart of Sendai 1

    Preparations are underway for the restart of the Sendai 1 reactor in Japan. Sendai 1 is a pressurized water reactor (PWR) sited on the southwest coast of Kyushu, the third largest island of Japan. It is owned and operated by the Kyushu Electric Power Company.
  • Hinkley Point C and the Austrian government challenge

    The action taken today by the Austrian government is supposedly to challenge the decision by the European Commission to approve the Contract for Difference mechanism proposed for Hinkley Point C. However, the true motivation of the action was revealed by Austrian Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann, who last week issued a statement saying: "This is a further important step in our anti-nuclear policy, whose long-term objective is a nuclear-free Europe."

  • Global Apollo Programme Report

    The Global Apollo Programme Report has the objective of making carbon-free baseload electricity less costly than coal within ten years. Nuclear generation working with renewables has already allowed countries such as France and Sweden to achieve the goals of this report.

  • Licensing and Permitting Task Force conference outcomes

    The World Nuclear Association Licensing and Permitting Task Force, a joint effort between the Law Working Group and CORDEL held a major two-day conference in conjunction with the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference in Prague this week.

  • Opening Address: World Nuclear Fuel Cycle Conference

    A reliable electricity supply is the lifeblood of our economy and our daily lives. But the essential nature of electricity is not acknowledged by a purely deregulated market. Governments must take action to ensure that the lights will stay on decades into the future.

  • Article: Design change management in the nuclear sector

    5 March 2015: Nuclear Engineering International

    A new report from the World Nuclear Association looks at mechanisms for utilities, vendors and the regulatory bodies to work together to support reactor design standardisation throughout a reactor fleet's operational lifetime.

  • Decommissioning costs in context

    The Financial Times has focussed on the IEA World Energy Outlook comment on nuclear decommissioning costs, with a headline reading "Bill for shutting nuclear plants will reach $100bn". To be clear the $100bn figure is for the decommissioning of almost 200 reactors, nearly half of the reactors currently operating, between now and 2040. This might seem to be a significant sum, but it needs to be put context.

  • IEA World Energy Outlook analysis - nuclear, hydro and wind lead the low-carbon way

    Reading the coverage of the International Energy Agency's World Energy Outlook 2014 you might come to the conclusion that renewables will flourish, nuclear's future is uncertain, oil supplies are a matter of concern and surprisingly little has been said about coal and gas.

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