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2nd China International Nuclear Symposium

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CINS 2011

The second China International Nuclear Symposium (CINS) will take place in Hong Kong, China on 20-22nd October 2011. Building on the success first CINS held in Shanghai in 2010, this year's event will provide an unrivalled opportunity for members of the Chinese nuclear industry and the international nuclear community to network. 

The presentations for this year's event will focus on fuel supply, human resources and the supply chain.  

There will also be the opportunity for WNA working groups to meet in Hong Kong.  

More information, including registration details, will be posted on the conference website at


WNA Annual Symposium call for presentations

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Call for presenations 2011

The call for presentations for the 36th Annual Symposium has been announced. The symposium will be held at Central Hall Westminster, 14-16 September 2011, with the theme of "The Future of Nuclear Power: Now It's Down To Us." The theme was chosen before the accident at Fukushima, but continues to apply in its aftermath. 

Presentations are invited on the following themes:

  • What lessons can be learned from Fukushima, and by what measures can the nuclear industry demonstrate that it will avoid such events in the future?
  • How does Fukushima shape the challenges facing nuclear communicators?
  • Is it still possible for Europe and North America to get onto the fast track of new nuclear build?
  • If and as countries proceed with their plans for new reactors, what needs to be done to maximise efficiency in the new-build process while ensuring reliability and safety in new reactors?
  • As regulators and industry come to terms with Fukushima, is it possible to improve the international legal and regulatory framework so as to help the industry to commit with confidence to long-term nuclear projects?

The Symposium will also see the launch of WNA's 2011 Fuel Market Report. 

In a change from previous years presenters will not be required to submit a separate paper for publication. Instead presentations will be made available to delegates online shortly after the presentations are made. 

Those wishing to present at the Symposium should submit an abstract of around 150 words by 15 May 2011. Those accepted will need to submit their presentation to the organizing committee by 31 July.