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WNA collaborates with OECD/NEA on Reactor Fuel Performance

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WNA's Julian Kelly participated in the OECD/NEA Expert Group on Reactor Fuel Performance (EGRFP). The expert group is under the guidence  of Working Party on Scientific Issues of Reactor Systems (WPRS), which in turn is under the guidance of the OECD Nuclear Science Committee (NSC). 

The EGRFP covers the technical issues including reactor-based plutonium disposition, and the International Fuel Performance Experiments database. 

More details can be found on their website at


WNU Courses in Brazil

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Two World Nuclear University short courses were held in Brazil recently, in WNU short courses in Rio de Janeiro and at the Angra Nuclear Power Plant. 

A team of experts gave presentations on the topics of World Energy; Nuclear Economics; Project Structuring & Financing; Technology Selection; Nuclear Fuel (including trade and transport issues); Responses to Fukushima; Nuclear Politics & Public Acceptance. ABDAN, the national Brazilian nuclear association, helped organise the courses. 


WNU Brazil 2012  


There was a very good response from the delegates at both of the courses.  

More details on the various courses on offer can be found on the WNU website.

India International Nuclear Symposium 2012

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Over 250 delegates attended the first WNA India International Nuclear Symposium in New Delhi in February. The event was a great success and we thank all the delegates for their participation.




IINS Delegates



A full programme of presentations was mixed with networking opportunities.



IINS Network


A selection of photos from the conference is available on WNA's flickr page.