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Ian Emsley joins to enhance WNA's Market Report

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Ian EmsleyIan Emsley has recently joined WNA to work as Senior Project Manager on the nuclear fuel market analysis and in particular this year’s Market Report. Over time, he hopes to widen the scope of the analysis to include explicit consideration of other energy sources and the inter-fuel competitive outlook, which apart from enhancing the learning from the WNA scenario work should lead to greater opportunities for the WNA to extend and strengthen its links with other organisations analysing the future of energy supply.

Ian believes that nuclear power has received a raw deal from policy makers and the public; partly it seems through ignorance and partly through tendentious lobbying by environmental NGOs. He has been impressed by the depth of knowledge of WNA staff and believes that the WNA is well placed to present some of the facts and challenges of nuclear power in a way that will assist the formulation of more balanced assessments.

"The production of well-respected analysis of future energy market development can play a valuable role in highlighting some of the barriers to environmentally sound and secure energy provision, which is critical to meeting the aspirations of the world’s population to a decent standard of living", Ian told WNA Update, "WNA analysis of energy market development can help set the agenda for efforts to overcome these barriers insofar as they affect nuclear power."

Before starting work for the WNA in April, Ian was an independent consultant working in the field of commodity market research and environmental policy analysis. Earlier in his career, Ian spent 25 years with mining company Anglo American plc.

36th Annual WNA Symposium Registration Open

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36th Annual Symposium banner

Registration for the 36th Annual Symposium (London) is now open There is an early-bird discount available plus reduced rates for WNA member company employees.

The conference will address:

  • What lessons can be learned from Fukushima, and by what measures can the nuclear industry demonstrate that it will avoid such events in the future?
  • How does Fukushima shape the challenges facing nuclear communicators?
  • Is it still possible for Europe and North America to get onto the fast track of new nuclear build?
  • If and as countries proceed with their plans for new reactors, what needs to be done to maximise efficiency in the new-build process while ensuring reliability and safety in new reactors?
  • As regulators and industry come to terms with Fukushima, is it possible to improve the international legal and regulatory framework so as to help the industry to commit with confidence to long-term nuclear projects?

The Symposium will also see the launch of WNA's 2011 Fuel Market Report.