Our Mission

    The World Nuclear Association is the international organization that promotes nuclear energy and supports the many companies that comprise the global nuclear industry.

    Since its inception in 2001 on the foundations of the Uranium Institute, WNA has grown in pace with the widening prospects for the worldwide use of nuclear power.

     WNA membership has tripled since its creation to encompass virtually all world uranium mining, conversion, enrichment and fuel fabrication;  all reactor vendors;  major nuclear engineering, construction, and waste management companies; and almost 90% of world nuclear generation. Other WNA members provide international services in nuclear transport, law, insurance, brokerage, industry analysis and finance.

    Today WNA serves its membership, and the world nuclear industry as a whole, through actions to:

    • Provide a global forum for sharing knowledge and insight on evolving industry developments ;
    • Strengthen industry operational capabilities by advancing best-practice internationally ;
    • Speak authoritatively for the nuclear industry in key international forums that affect the policy and public environment in which the industry operates.

    All WNA activities focus on objectives outside the scope of national and regional associations, intergovernmental organizations and the industry's reactor safety organization, WANO

    WNA's roles include:

    Coordinating Industry Cooperation

    A fundamental WNA role is to act as a global forum, and commercial meeting place for leaders and specialist representing all aspects of the nuclear industry.  

    • The pre-eminent event on the nuclear industry's calendar is the Annual WNA Symposium in September in London, which attracts over 700 nuclear executives.
    • In April, the WNA runs jointly with the Nuclear Energy Institute the World Nuclear Fuel Cycle conference which draws 400 experts to venues rotating annually from Europe to Asia to America. 
    • Since 2010, WNA has also organised an annual event in China, the China International Nuclear Symposium, and conferences in India as part on an outreach initiative to provide our Members and these important emerging markets with more opportunities to interact with each other. 

    In conjunction with these events, WNA Working Groups meet as vehicles for industry cooperation. 

    Representing the Nuclear Industry in the International Arena 

    WNA represents the industry in key world forums that shape the nuclear industry's regulatory and policy environment, such as:

    • IAEA and NEA advisory committees on transport and all aspects of nuclear safety;
    • United Nations policy forums focused on sustainable development and climate change
    • ICRP and Ospar deliberations on radiological protection. 

    Providing reliable information on nuclear power

    The WNA website serves as the world's leading information source on nuclear energy. Some 120 WNA information papers, frequently updated, appear prominently on Google searches, with the result that a WNA webpage is downloaded every five seconds by users inside and outside the industry. The WNA Information Library is the world's "base-load" generator of comprehensive, accurate information on nuclear energy.

    World Nuclear News (WNN) has become the world's leading online news service on developments related to nuclear power, providing value to journalists, analysts and industry experts. WNN's current subscription list of over 20,000 regular email recipients grows steadily, as does its reputation for reliability. It serves WNA members, non-members, and the public alike. 

    Providing leadership building and educational activities 

    Through the World Nuclear University (WNU) partnership, WNA works to unite with the IAEA, WANO, and the OECD-NEA in projects to examine key policy issues, enhance nuclear education and build nuclear leadership.

    The WNU's leading activity is its 6-week Summer Institute at Oxford University. Since 2005, this unique leadership-development programme has created a network of around 650 former WNU Fellows from 65 nations. Major WNA companies regularly nominate promising young professionals to become WNU Fellows in the expectation that this network will hold increasing business significance in a fast-globalizing nuclear industry. 


    The WNA brochure, entitled Four Pillars of Support for a Fast-Globalizing Nuclear Industry, is available for download as a pdf file: click here . Copies of the brochure can be obtained by emailing Please include your name and full contact details.