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Governance and Leadership

WNA Members appoint the Director General and elect a Board of Management.


The World Nuclear Association's Director General is Agneta Rising. The Chairman of the Board is Jean-Jacques Gautrot.

The WNA's Board of Management fulfils all statutory duties pertaining to the organisation's governance, sets WNA policies and strategic objectives subject to approval by the full membership, and instructs the Director General on the membership’s behalf.

To ensure balance among the elected members of the Board, each of the three categories of WNA institutional membership - supplier, generator and general - must be represented by at least two members. In addition, the Board has three distinguished honorary members.

To facilitate the Board's representation of the WNA's entire institutional membership, each Board member performs liaison with a certain portion of the membership in a way designed to give every WNA member a direct channel to the Board. 

Board members act as Mentors for the various WNA Working Groups. This enables the Board to monitor the activities of the Working Groups and to shape the overall agenda of the Working Groups as a whole.

The Board convenes as required, normally at least twice a year, and Board members communicate regularly with the WNA secretariat.

The WNA Board currently has two sub-committees: 

  •  The Governance & Nominations sub-committee deals with Director General and Senior Staff succession planning, and board nominations. It also maintains oversight on governance. The sub-committee reports directly to the Chair and comprises seven Board members serving a two-year term.
  •  The Audit and Finance sub-committee carries out a regular review of the financial health of WNA, monitors actual performance against forecast budget, assesses fee levels and guidelines, and holds in-depth dialogue with the appointed WNA Auditor during the preparation of the annual accounts. This sub-committee reports directly to the Chairman and comprises up to three members, serving up to two years from appointment. 

The Board of Management is shown below, with the current members of the above two subcommittees indicated:

 Jean-Jacques Gautrot  Jean-Jacques Gautrot

WNA Chairman
Senior Advisor & former CEO
Areva UK

Governance & Nominations
Audit & Finance

 Tim Gitzel  Tim Gitzel

WNA Vice Chairman 
President & CEO

Governance & Nominations
Audit & Finance

 Paul Bowden  Paul Bowden
Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer

Audit & Finance



 Seok Cho  Seok Cho
President & CEO
 Dominique Dapei  Dominique Dapei
Nuclear Fuel International Director
 Helmut Engelbrecht  Helmut Engelbrecht
 Vadim Jivov  Vadim Jivov
Uranium One
 Kirill Komarov  Kirill Komarov
Deputy Director General
 Klaus Lohrey  Klaus Lohrey
Managing Director

Audit & Finance

 Yoichi Maeda

 Yoichi Maeda
Senior Advisor
Mitsubishi Corporation

Governance & Nominations 

 Per-Olof Nestenborg  Per-Olof Nestenborg
Managing Director
Vattenfall Nuclear Fuel  
 Michael Plaschy  Michael Plaschy
Head of Nuclear Power Generation
Alpiq Suisse
 Caroline Reda  Caroline Reda
President & CEO
GE Hitachi Nuclear Energy  
 Amir Shahkarami  Amir Shahkarami
Exelon Nuclear Partners

 Hideki Toyomatsu

 Hideki Toyomatsu
Chief Nuclear Officer

 Mingang Huang  Mingang Huang
Chief Economic Officer
 Qiyan Wei  Qiyan Wei
Deputy General Manager
CGNPC Uranium Resources Co. Ltd.  



Ex-officio Member

 Ken Ellis  Ken Ellis




Honorary Board Members

 Hans Blix  Hans Blix
Director General-Emeritus
International Atomic Energy Agency  
 Gerald Grandey  Gerald Grandey
Former CEO, Cameco
Chairman-Emeritus, WNA
Governance & Nominations