WNA Position Statements

  • Best Practice in Uranium Mining

    This document sets out principles for the management of radiation, health and safety, waste and the environment applicable to sites throughout the world.

  • Cooling of Power Plants

    While cooling is clearly an essential factor in the siting of individual nuclear plants, this is readily manageable and constitutes no constraint on the future growth of nuclear power as a large-scale low-cost provider of clean energy.

  • Risks of Low-Dose Ionizing Radiation

    The WNA sees the need to establish a consistent international approach to defining a level of dose below which it is widely deemed legitimate to maintain that an individual is adequately protected from ionizing radiation, whether natural or man-made.

  • Safe Decommissioning of Civil Nuclear Industry Sites

    This WNA Position Statement presents the nuclear industry's perspective and policy on the important subject of decommissioning of civil nuclear industry sites.

  • The need for robust justification for radiological protection recommendations

    WNA position statement on the need for robust justification for radiological protection recommendations.

  • Uranium: sustaining the Global Nuclear Renaissance

    There is every reason to expect that the world supply of uranium, as of other metals, is sustainable, with adequate known resources being continuously replenished at least as fast as they are being used and at costs affordable to consumers.