Nuclear for Climate

According to the International Energy Agency, nuclear energy has already avoided the release of around 56 Gt of CO2 since 1971. 

At least 80% of the world’s electricity must be low-carbon by 2050 to keep the world within 2°C of warming, according to the IPCC. This is a massive global challenge that requires the use of all available low-carbon energy technologies.

We need to take immediate steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear energy is low-carbon, available and competitive in the timeframe required.

Countries should be free to choose from the full portfolio of energy technologies to reduce CO2 and meet other energy objectives. 

Nuclear for Climate is an initiative that brings together more than 160 nuclear societies & associations from all over the world, all committed to fight climate change. 

Nuclear for Climate Position Paper

The Nuclear for Climate position paper sets out the case that: 

  • The world must use all low-carbon energy sources, including nuclear energy, if it is to limit climate change while still meeting development goals
  • The world needs to take urgent steps towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Nuclear energy is a proven low-carbon option, available today
  • All countries have the right to choose nuclear energy in order to reduce greenhouse gases while meeting their other energy objectives.

Nuclear for Climate therefore calls on negotiators involved in the Paris climate talks to ensure that the right of countries to choose nuclear energy in order to reduce greenhouse gas emissions while meeting their energy and development objectives is not prejudiced against in any way by the new UNFCCC protocols, specifically with regards to access to climate funding mechanisms such as Green Climate Funds. 


Nuclear for Climate Declaration

Declaration N4CThirty nine nuclear societies, representing scientists, engineers, and professionals from around the world, have signed a declaration stating their conviction that the world needs to take immediate steps to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and supporting nuclear energy as a key part of the solution in the fight against climate change.  


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