Creating Carbon Markets for a Net Zero Future

15 November 2022
13:45 EGY | 11:45 GMT
#ATOMS4CLIMATE pavilion and online 

24/7 carbon-free energy (CFE) is an exciting new product that improves transparency in carbon-free energy transactions and creates crucial markets incentives to drive deep decarbonization. By correcting misalignments with the current market practices for valuing CFE, dispatchable technologies, like nuclear energy, will receive compensation for the value they provide consumers.

Currently, if an individual or organization wants to achieve net-zero carbon energy consumption, the most popular method is by purchasing Renewable Energy Credits (RECs). RECs represent renewable energy generation connected to a grid and the organization or individual will purchase enough to equal their annual electricity consumption. In theory, this is intended to create incentives to expand the amount of carbon-free generation on the grid to account for their energy usage.