Financing new nuclear build

9 November 2022
17:30 EGY | 15:30 GMT

#ATOMS4CLIMATE pavilion and online

Nuclear power plants have the ability to produce massive quantities of low-carbon electricity for several decades (up to 80 – 100 years). Nevertheless, new nuclear projects come with a very high upfront cost. This event discussed the importance of having access to affordable finance in order to build these projects. It included a discussion on the different financing models which are being used to finance projects around the world.

Panellists reflected on the growing importance of sustainable finance, including the role of ‘taxonomies’ and ESG mechanisms. This included a overview of developments in different regions and will underline the impacts of including – or excluding – nuclear from such taxonomies. Finally it touched upon the need for a scientific approach to financing decisions and a stable policy framework which encourages such long-term investments.