Events at COP26

The COP26 climate change conference, held in Glasgow, Scotland in November, was the latest international effort aimed at tackling the threat of climate change.

This page highlights events relating to nuclear energy and nuclear technologies that took place during COP26, and can still be watched on demand.

Meeting the energy challenge: nuclear's role in a sustainable and secure low-carbon future

15:00-16:30 EET 16 September 2022

Organized by World Nuclear Association, CNA, JAIF, LAS/NAS, NEI, Nucleareurope


Delivering a just transition to a clean energy future and supporting the UN SDGs

Watch on demand - Organized by World Nuclear Association, Canadian Nuclear Association, Nuclear Energy Institute and International Youth Nuclear Congress.


A Path Towards Affordable Zero Carbon Technologies

Watch on demand - Organized by the American Nuclear Society, European Nuclear Society, Foratom and Japan Atomic Industrial Forum


The Role of Nuclear Energy in a Net Zero Future

4 November 2021: This event will discuss the role nuclear can play in transitioning to a diverse net-zero energy mix.


Nuclear Innovation for a Net Zero World

4 November 2021: Experts and high-level stakeholders will discuss the complementary role of nuclear power and renewables in the transition towards a carbon-neutral future.