World Nuclear University is pleased to announce that applications are now open for the virtual 2-week programme: Strategic Leadership Academy: managing your nuclear power plant for the long term that will be held on 19 - 30 July 2021. 

A virtual 2-week challenge aimed at future nuclear leaders, this programme adopts an innovative two-fold approach to enhance participants knowledge and skills to ensure flexible and resilient leadership. A content driven programme will expand knowledge and awareness of the key issues in plant life management (PLiM) and Long-term Operations (LTO). In parallel, its challenge driven, collaborative working environment will give you the chance to embed this knowledge and apply leadership skills in gamified situations based on real-life challenges faced by nuclear leaders in recent years. There will be around 4 hours per day of formally scheduled virtual contact time including: presentations, videos (including technical tours), interviews, and Q&A sessions; Working Groups; and a wide range of networking opportunities to interact with peers, nuclear leaders and expert mentors on an informal basis.  

Visit www.world-nuclear-university.org to find our more and register.


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