The nuclear industry is committed to improving the representation of women in the workforce at all levels

  • Lack of access to clean, reliable and affordable energy disproportionately disadvantages women and girls.
  • Nuclear companies have signed up to initiatives encouraging young women to move into STEM careers, and to provide training to prevent discrimination and fight against bias.

The role of reliable and affordable energy in the emancipation of women should not be underestimated. By powering domestic appliances, energy freed women and girls from menial labourintensive tasks many were compelled by societal pressures to perform, giving them more time to pursue other, more rewarding, activities.

But these benefits have not been universally available. If we are to achieve gender equity worldwide we must ensure all women have access to reliable electricity supplies, and that families have the economic resources to be able to purchase the domestic appliances that provide a better quality of life.

To have the highest-skilled workforce, an industry needs to attract the best talent from all genders. As with many industries in the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields, women are under-represented in the nuclear industry, making up less than 25% of the workforce worldwide.

Globally, the “Equal by 30” campaign, a joint initiative between the International Energy Agency and the Clean Energy Ministerial, aims to accelerate the participation of women in the world’s clean energy transition and to close the gender gap in employment opportunities and earnings. Many companies in the nuclear industry have signed up to the initiative and made commitments such as strengthening the diversity of their teams and management, partner with schools to encourage young women to move into STEM careers or provide training to prevent discrimination and fight against bias.

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