Nuclear power plants provide large amounts of clean, reliable, affordable energy

  • Demand for electricity is increasing, driven by a growing global population, increasing electrification of energy supply, and the needs of the billions of people who still don’t have access to affordable and reliable electricity supplies.
  • Meeting this increasing demand for electricity by burning fossil fuels is not sustainable. Switching to clean technologies such as nuclear energy is vital.
  • If the world is to help lift people out of poverty and meet energy demand, then significant investment in low-cost, low-carbon nuclear energy is needed.

The use of fossil fuels for generating electricity has detrimental impacts on people and the environment, causing air, water, and soil pollution and producing large quantities of greenhouse gas emissions that drive climate change.

Sustainable development can be achieved only with access to clean, reliable and affordable energy. Energy is connected to all human activities and is the engine for economic sectors like agriculture, heavy industry, commerce and transport.

Nuclear power plants provide large amounts of clean, reliable, affordable energy and, regardless of the weather, can run for long periods of time without interruption. They are the ideal complement to wind, solar and storage for developing an affordable, reliable and low-carbon electricity grid.

In addition, through nuclear cogeneration, the heat generated by reactors can be redirected to power processes that are presently hard to decarbonize, such as domestic and industrial heating.

Nuclear projects are long-term investments and can operate for up to 80 years or more, making them cost-effective and affordable.

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