International Nuclear I&C and Electrical System Standards Tables with URLs

May 2020

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This document brings together the nuclear power plant instrumentation & control and electrical system standards used by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) and International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) communities. Both sets of standards are used in different parts of the world. This document is intended as a starting point for identifying similarities and conflicts between the two sets of standards to facilitate harmonization.

The base nuclear safety requirements in this area are given by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) on the IEC side and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) on the IEEE side. For the IEC the IAEA safety standards, most notably SSR-2/1, SSG30, SSG 34, SSG 39 and SSG 51, lay out requirements and high-level recommendations that are used within the IEC domain. For IEEE, the NRC regulations given in 10 CFR 50 provide the main requirements, but NRC also promulgates standards in the form of Regulatory Guides that describe practices NRC considers acceptable. Often these Regulatory Guides qualify consensus standards with clarifications and modifications that NRC considers necessary. In addition, certain NRC “NUREG” documents, while they have no official regulatory function, act as de-facto standards.

IEC SC45A is the main IEC subcommittee responsible for nuclear facility standards, but the nuclear community also makes use of standards from IEC SC45B (Radiation Protection), TC65 (Industrial Process Measurement Control and Automation), and TC77 (Electromagnetic Compatibility).

The IEEE Nuclear Power Engineering Committee (NPEC) is the main committee responsible for IEEE nuclear facility standards, but a number of other entities participate. These include the IEEE Computer Society, the IEEE N42.18 Committee, IEEE Power and Energy Committee, IEEE Energy Development and Power Generation Committee, IEEE Switchgear Committee, IEEE Protective Relay Committee, IEEE Transformer Committee, IEEE High Voltage Surge Protection Device Committee, IEEE Stationary Batteries Committee, the International Society of Automation, the American Nuclear Society, the Health Physics Society, and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers.

This document consists of tables that show the IEC and IAEA electrical and I&C nuclear standards alongside the corresponding IEEE and NRC documents. The tables also show documents that have no equivalent.
The tables provide a basic view of the correspondence between related standards. They identify a relatively complete set of standards for electrical and I&C domains in the US. Such a listing is not thought to exist elsewhere.

Clicking in any box in the tables will take the user to further information given by the responsible standard organization. In the case of NRC, the user will be taken directly to the documents in question.
This document offers no further analysis or conclusions. Those steps are left to the reader. This document is a product of the CORDEL Digital Instrumentation & Control Task Force (DICTF) of World Nuclear Association and it will be regularly revised following future evolutions and updates of the relevant I&C standards