What We Do

Find out more about our activities and download our annual report.

Working Groups

Working Groups are exclusive forums that convene regularly in order to allow members to share best practice, conduct analysis, and develop consolidated positions on economic, safety and environmental issues.


World Nuclear Association is the only international industry organisation with a global mandate to communicate about nuclear energy.

World Nuclear University

The World Nuclear University (WNU) is a global network committed to providing education and training for the nuclear industry in association with WANO, OECD/NEA and the IAEA.

At Work: our annual report

At Work is an annual report of the World Nuclear Association's activities. You will find details of the Association's everyday work and plans for the year ahead.

The Harmony programme

Harmony is the global nuclear industry's vision for the future of electricity. To meet the growing demand for sustainable energy, we will need nuclear to provide at least 25% of electricity by 2050 as part of a clean and reliable low-carbon mix.